Hi, I'm Dan Garland

Dan Garland

I'm a web developer, teacher and tech founder, passionate about creativity and learning new things.

I can help you learn to code. I have many years experience as a web developer and a teacher, and have drawn together five year's worth of learning materials from coding bootcamps and workshops, as well as hundreds of real world projects, to create online courses that you can work around your job.

Through a combination of theory, reading, exercises, and coding assignments, I offer you my knowledge and expertise in the hope they help you reach your goals.

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Available Courses

Essential Aspects of Ruby

A beginner to intermediate look at the Ruby programming language: from first principles and basic constructs, to more advanced concepts in object-orientated programming.

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Introduction to Shell programming

If you ever thought that using the command line was an optional extra, or you are preparing for a course or a development job, basic shell programming is essential for any productive programmer.

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My Latest Posts

Come out of your shell and learn Bash

One thing I noticed whenever I'd kick off a new cohort at We Got Coders, was that despite all my efforts, often students would arrive without knowing much about how to use a shell. The shinier the laptop, the greater the reluctance to let go of the...