About Dan

Dan Garland

I'm a web developer, teacher and tech founder, passionate about creativity and learning new things.

In my 15 years of experience, I built apps for startups, agencies and for Government, some of which I have documented on my portfolio page. I taught web development for five years, at various international schools and bootcamps.

My favourite languages are HTML, CSS, Ruby and JavaScript, but I'm enjoying learning Go and Solidity right now.

I founded a 12 week, live-in bootcamp that links junior web developers to jobs, called We Got Coders. I taught hundreds of students and directly employed over 75 of them, giving them their first opportunity as a web developer. We provided luxurious living at amazing venues around the UK, learning to code in style!

What I love most about teaching, is that it provides us a chance to stop and think about all of the knowledge that I've accumulated, and pass it on to others. There's nothing better than the enthusiasm of learning something new, and so I'm lucky to have met so many people who have shared their learning experiences with me.

When I'm not writing code, I enjoy making synth music and collecting synthesizers. As a proud dad, spare time is short, but I enjoy reading, cooking, playing chess and speaking French.

Why do online courses now?

Dan and Dory

This is Dory. He is my first born son and my best pal in the world. He hasn't learnt coding yet, but he's pretty amazing at blowing raspberries at us, and my partner Gina and I are very proud of him.

As any new parent knows, managing a child is an exhausting process. With running a business on top, the last year has been the most challenging time in my life. Having a child has forced me to prioritise, and to make the best use of my time; not just working harder to make up the difference between my plans and reality. So it was time to look again at my business and adjust.

Creating online courses has been something that I've been working on in the background for the last couple of years. I believe that the best way to learn anything is in person - that will always be faster and more fun. But I saw that many of the prospective students for my bootcamp either couldn't attend in person, make the dates we had or had other commitments (usually family commitments). These courses are for them.

I have around five years of learning material from my coding bootcamp, that I'm in the process of putting online. Thanks to the help of some my students at We Got Coders, we developed an e-learning platform using Rails and MongoDB, that provides interactive learning materials for the course. Now that I have the opportunity to finish this off, I wanted to share this with the widest possible audience and reach more prospective developers.

While delivering courses on-line certainly isn't anything new, I offer my personal take on web development and coding, having learnt first hand from students what works well and what doesn't. I make no apologies for aiming a bit higher in terms of expectations on the learner, adopting much of the same style and approach as I do in my professional web development. Expect command line tasks, merge requests, test-driven development and hands-on learning with just enough theory baked in to grasp the fundamentals.

I hope that you checkout my courses and find something that is suitable for you!