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Essential Aspects of Ruby - From £27

A beginner to intermediate look at the Ruby programming language: from first principles and basic constructs, to more advanced concepts in object-orientated programming.

In this course, we look at how we can use Ruby to write better code; code that is more re-useable, extensible and easy to read.

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Introduction to Shell - Free Course

If you ever thought that using the command line was an optional extra, or you are preparing for a course or a developer job, basic shell programming is essential for any productive programmer.

This short course for beginners provides an overview on how to effectively use your shell, useful key commands and bash scripting.

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Solidity Smart Contract Developer

We know that blockchains are set to change the world. But how can we learn to program a global, distributed computer? In this course we'll find out how to become a smart contract developer on Ethereum, writing decentralised apps to support the future of information interchange.

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Essential Aspects of Go

It's fun, productive and expressive to code in dynamic, high-level langauges. But when we're coding applications processing information on a large scale, we need to meet the computer in the middle. Go is fast becoming the go-to language (sorry!) for robust application development that brings the best of both high and low level programming features.

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TDD in Ruby

We all know that we're supposed to test-first. But how to do so in practice? We examine how test-driven development in Ruby leads to better software outcomes.

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Software Design in Ruby

It's all fine and well to understand what an Array is, but how to progress towards building more complex, yet maintainable applications? In this course we'll examine industry standard best-pratices and design patterns, and how to apply them practically to our codebases to build our apps right first time.

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TDD in JavaScript

How many JavaScript developers actually practice test driven development? We learn how to TDD some common UI components and APIs, to create robust JavaScript apps.

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SQL and Databases

Most webapps rely on relational databases everyday. Stop winging it and learn SQL - the programming language behind databases and optimise your web applications.

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Introduction to Networking

We're all web developers; but what is the web? We look at the underlying structure of the Internet, looking at each layer of the network stack.

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Introduction to HTML & CSS

If you have always wondered how to make a webpage, this course is for you. We'll cover how to build a webpage from scratch, the essential building block of any website.

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Front-end JavaScript (ES6)

JavaScript is one of the most versatile programming languages in existance. We'll cover the basics right up to event driven development

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