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Introduction to Shell Programming

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This short course for beginners provides an overview on how to effectively use your shell, useful key commands and bash scripting.

Course overview

Command Line Basics

Navigate your directory tree
Work with files and directories
Pipes and Redirection
  • Why learn shell?

    • Essential for day-to-day programming
    • Help boost your productivity and efficiency
    • Spend less time fighting your shell
    • Learn to automate repetitive tasks
  • Who is this course for?

    • Anyone who is starting out in programming, or who has self-taught some basics
    • Anyone learning to code, whether online or as part of a training course or bootcamp
    • Anyone crossing over to UNIX (Max / Linux) for the first time
    • Anyone looking to try other programming languages
    • A stay at home parent or someone looking to cross-train, who needs flexible learning
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    1. I'm ready for the challenge, but I know that I'll need some guidance. Having a video walkthrough of a solution would really help me, but I'd like the chance to have a go myself, knowing I can reach out for help if I get stuck.

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      • Video walkthrough on assignments
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    3. I need the flexibility and self-pacing of online learning, but I know that without a regular touchpoint I'll drift off. Knowing that others like me are meeting up every week for a seminar would be really exciting. As well as asking questions, and getting help from Dan, it would be good to see there are others in the same boat.

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    Do I need to install any software?

    You don't need to to install anything just to get going and sample a lesson. Once you're ready to get coding, setting up your environment involves setting up some software first. I believe that if you're going to get into programming, becoming comfortable with maintaining your programming setup is an important skill, that will help you to learn a lot in the process.

    For beginners we recommend Sublime Text for a text editor, and either iTerm2 for mac or terminator for Linux.

    Does it matter what Operating System I use?

    If you want to make inroads into programming, having a UNIX environment (Mac or Linux), running OSX or Ubuntu is a good choice. We have had students have some success running Bash for Windows, which might be worth a try.

    Does it matter what Web Browser I use?

    Currently we're support Firefox or Google Chrome, but if ought to work in any modern browser. If you spot any bugs in other browsers, please contact me!

    What time commitment is needed for this course?

    Depending on how fast you work and pick up new ideas, this course ought to take up about one day per lesson, so about 8 days. So if you devote your weekends to it, you might cover the material in a month. Everyone is different, which is why this approach is great for those who want to go at their own pace.

    What sort of help can I expect on the premium package?

    Premium members enjoy individual feedback on their work. The repl exercises have a feature where you can request help if you get stuck, which notifies me so I can come and help you. On the assignments, I provide individual, line-by-line code review, so you can get directed feedback on your submissions, and refine and iterate on your work until it meets industry best practices.

    You can also request help at any time in our slack channel, where your questions and answers are shared with other learners in our community.

    How long do I get access for?

    Once you purchase the course, you will receive lifetime access to the content, as well as any updates or alterations.

    What happens if I change my mind about purchasing the course?

    I want you to get ahead and learn new things if you take a course with me. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase you can contact me for a no-quibbles refund.

    Can I upgrade to a more premium support package later?

    Yes! You can upgrade at any time if you find yourself stuck and looking for extra help. You only pay the difference - so there's nothing to lose!

    Do you offer discounts for those with financial difficulties?

    I'd like to help in any way that I can. If you are unemployed, a student, a veteran, a NHS worker, an OAP or are having financial difficulties, please contact me and I can arrange for a discount.

    What my students are saying

    Course rating: 5.0 based on 28 ratings
  • Dan is an exceptional teacher. He took me from barely understanding HTML to being about to build full stack CRUD Rails applications. What sets Dan apart from other teachers is that he really cares about helping you learn. He was diligent at all times and would always make the effort to put in additional hours after work to help me if needed. I would highly recommend Dan.

    Rating: 5 5
  • For me, the most valuable aspect of the course was the guidance I received with my learning, which I would not have had if I continued on my self-learning coding journey. The curriculum was very good, covering many essential aspects of Ruby web development, often going beyond a Junior developer level towards the end of the course. Speaking from experience, this is a solid choice for those who are serious about learning to code.

    Rating: 5 5
  • I had a lot of doubts about my abilities and lack of experience. In a very short time Dan helped me turn myself from a complete novice, to a capable web developer. I would recommend this course to anyone who's serious about getting into web development!

    Rating: 5 5
  • This course was really fantastic. The instructors clearly cared about our progress and were determined to show us how to be exceptional developers. As a business owner and entrepreneur it gives me great satisfaction to know that I can now confidently create well tested, well written code and I am working on some MVP's as we speak.

    Rating: 5 5
  • I’d recommend Dan very highly if you are determined and want to learn to code. It’s a great gateway into the tech industry. Dan is also making a concerted effort to counter male dominance in the tech industry by advocating for and training more women. 6 months later I know Ruby and Rails development like the back of my hand, am learning new languages and working on several projects in my spare time in addition to my full-time position in some pretty inspiring areas in the tech industry.

    Rating: 5 5
  • It was through Dan's professionalism, expertise, and professional contacts that I gained the skills, experience, and exposure that was required to be placed with, and remain with, HI Hostels. I can wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone interested in entering (or re-skilling to enter) the web development market.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan is an excellent teacher, manager and mentor. After working with Dan, I was able to work with challenging codebases, knowing that I could turn to him for help when needed. He is able to show how to solve a problem in a way that is clear and concise.

    Rating: 5 5
  • This is definitely a course for someone who really wants to be a Ruby developer. The instructors really do want you to succeed. Their passion is clear to see and I never had the feeling that they didn't care about your work. They were always willing to answer questions and to give you help when you got stuck. It will reward you if you are willing to put the effort into it!

    Rating: 5 5
  • The instructors are world-class developers. One can progress from being a little sketchy on how an attribute accessor works to building features on a real project already tens-of-thousands-of-lines-long; making meaningful and significant contributions over the whole stack.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan is a patient and able teacher and welcomed questions and comments to further our education. I recommend Dan if you're looking to learn web development or if you need a project built. He's very speedy, knows Rails like the back of his hand, and is an expert in many aspects of developing for the web.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan was a good teacher with a great knowledge for the content as well as the industry we were all trying to get into. Industry best practices were always prioritised to make sure we were always attractive to potential employers. I would say finding a job within 2 weeks of graduating was well worth the money and time I invested.

    Rating: 5 5
  • I would highly recommend anyone, regardless of their computer experience or knowledge, to participate as long as they are willing to put the work in!

    Rating: 5 5
  • I most enjoyed Dan's ability to take a theoretical concept and then design an engaging exercise or lecture that immediately made its real-world, practical applications clear.

    Rating: 5 5
  • I am impressed with what I've been able to learn from Dan, he is a very talented developer and I hope others will have the benefit of learning from him in the future.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan is a master at object-oriented programming, agile methodology, and test driven development and really shined at showing his students the benefits of developing web applications with these tools.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan has been an excellent instructor over the duration of the course. He is passionate, enthusiastic and creative in his approach to teaching. He is extremely knowledgeable in a vast number of areas and was able to convey this knowledge clearly and concisely.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan is able to boil expansive subjects down to accessible amounts of information which he introduces in a logical way; he has a charismatic teaching style which enlivens potentially dry subjects, and shows a level of enthusiasm, dedication and willingness to work long hours that inspires similar behaviour in his students.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan is an excellent teacher with the rare skill of being able to help shape the way you think about and approach technical issues, in a patient and clear way. His breadth of technical know-how is impressive. He also demonstrated the ability to cater to a variety of backgrounds and learning styles, which makes his classes thoroughly engaging.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan is a patient, hard-working and enthusiastic teacher. He was dedicated to teach us the absolute most that is possible within the timeframe and his amount and breadth of knowledge never ceased to amaze me. As a person he is very easy-going and approachable yet very professional. I feel privileged to be his student and mentee.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan has an amazing leadership ability which is a source of inspiration for all of his trainees to complete such a demanding course. I am impressed with the amount of information that I was able to absorb as a result of my training, which has totally changed the way that I see developing web applications.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan cares more about making his students web developers, than reproducing the factory format of similar development boot camps. He cares about his students and invests time and effort in them, even outside of office hours. He is supportive, personable, and very knowledgable in Ruby. I was able to go from having no real understanding of Ruby to being able to understand and create complicated server side applications.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan provided me the right knowledge and experience required for my first steps in web development. He helped me a lot to overcome all the obstacles that I came across as a career changer. He is a very good programmer, teacher and mentor and anyone interested in web development can learn a lot from him. Thus, I highly recommend Dan.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan is an excellent teacher. I massively endorse the way he goes about it; not just teaching about how to achieve the end result, but also what's going on behind the scenes. Giving you a solid understanding allows you to master the basics, and really sets you up to take things on for yourself. If you understand how everything is put together, you're much more able of manipulating your environment to your advantage. This course isn't just a course that makes you a developer, it's the first step to being a great one.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan has a passion for web development and teaching. He is very knowledgeable and has good communication skills. This makes him a great teacher able to explain in a concise and clear way the most complex concepts. Dan is hard-working and sets high expectations during the web development course which are greatly achieved thanks to his guidance. I definitely recommend Dan because he provides you with the tools you need to successfully become a Full Stack Web Developer and be ready for the job market.

    Rating: 5 5
  • I can recommend this course to anyone thinking about becoming a Ruby developer. It has a comprehensive and well structured syllabus and the use of tools and methodologies from day one though all along the course, that gets you ready the market.

    Rating: 5 5
  • I consider taking this course to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Dan has a focused and patient teaching style. He genuinely cares about the progress, learning and crucially the understanding of his students.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan was an excellent teacher and mentor throughout the course. I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest in coding and a good work ethic who is looking for a change in career. You will be surprised at how much you'll learn over a short space of time under Dan's tuition, and you'll be in a great position to land a job in web development with his continued guidance.

    Rating: 5 5
  • Dan worked tirelessly to advance his students' abilities as programmers. His teaching skills and scope of knowledge are paralleled only by his passion for the subject. His energetic presence in the classroom never ceased to inspire. I would not be where I am as a developer without Dan's instruction.

    Rating: 5 5
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